11th Khazar International Chess Open Tournaments

For geographers and common people “Khazar” is a sea in the north of Iran, but for the chess players it is a familiar name of a unique international chess tournament. Photo report by WFM/FA Shohreh Bayat.

The tournament has been running for longer than a decade and every year it is setting new organizational standards and participation record.

This year the 11th Khazar Cup was held on 1-8th March in Rasht, Guilan province, with competitions in eight separate events: A (+2100), B (U2100), women’s tournament and events for the juniors in U14, U12, U10, U8, U6 groups.

384 players with elo rating from ten countries Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, India, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Iraq and Iran took participation. With unrated the total number rises to 613 players.

Among them were present 7 Grand Masters (GM), 19 International Masters (IM) and Women International Masters (WIM), 17 Fide Masters (FM) and Women Fide Masters (WFM).

It should be noted that the first chess-boxing event in Iran was held at the opening ceremony of the 11th Khazar Cup.

After 11 rounds of play in the main A tournament IM Shota Azaladze (2461) from Georgia, IM Hamed Mousavian (IRI 2377) and GM Pouria Darini (IRI 2514) shared the first place with 8,5 points each. Shota Azaladze was declared winner on best tie-break.

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