27th Open International d’Avoine

The 27th Open International d’Avoine was played from 21st to 29th July. IM Maxime Lagarde (France) took a clear first place with 7.5/9 points, leaving the group of followers half a point behind. 360 players competed.

The closing ceremony was attended by the FFE President Henri Carvallo and Director of Women’s Chess Jocelyne Wolfangel.

Final standings:
1. IM LAGARDE Maxime 2505 – 7½
2-8. GM LAZAREV Vladimir 2442, IM JOLLY Jean-Francois 2409, IM HAUB Thorsten Michael 2466, IM COLIN Vincent 2391, IM PETRE Nad-Titus 2362, IM DUMITRACHE Dragos-Nicolae 2447 and FM ANTON Teodor 2423 – 7.0
9-19. FM BON Michael 2304, FM SONG Julien 2398, FM PERRIN Guillaume 2349, GM INKIOV Ventzislav 2460, IM TIRARD Hugo 2452, IM NAVROTESCU Catalin 2391, BARBOT Pierre 2271, GM GULIYEV Namig 2539, IM DAVID Vincent 2392, RIBEIRO Romain 2204, AUBRY Yannis 2104 – 6½ etc

Maxime Lagarde

IM Maxime Lagarde

WGM Tatiana Kostiuk

WGM Tatiana Kostiuk won the top woman prize

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