31st Reno-Western States Open

The 31st Annual Sands Regency Reno-Western States Open will take place from 18-20th October at the Sands Regency Hotel/Casino, Reno, Nevada 89501.

The tournament will be held in six sections over six rounds of Swiss system and with time control 40/2, G/60, d5.

The total prize fund is $26,000 based on 275 paid entries, with $16,750 and top prizes in the Open section guaranteed.

Open: $2000-1500-1000-800-600-500-400-300-200-200
Expert (2000-2199): $1,600-800-500-300-200.
“A” (1800-1999): $1,500-800-500-300-200.
“B” (1600-1799): $1,400-700-500-300-200.
“C” (1400-1599): $1,200-600-500-300-200.
“D” (1399/below): $800-500-400-300-200, (under 1200) – $300.

Side events:
- $30 GM Sergey Kudrin clock simul on Wednesday evening plus game analysis the following day
- Free lecture by IM John Donaldson on Thursday evening
- GM Jesse Kraai author reading on Thursday evening
- $20 GM Alexander Ivanov simul on Thursday evening
- Free IM John Donaldson Game/Position Analysis Clinic on Saturday afternoon
- Five Minute Blitz Tournament on Thursday night with 80% of entries returned as prizes

Tournament website

Sands Regency Casino Hotel

Sands Regency Casino Hotel

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