5th Annual Cleveland Open – GM Sergey Kudrin takes top prize

The 5th Annual Cleveland Open was held from August 3-5, 2012, in Cleveland, Ohio at the Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel, 5300 Riverside Drive, Cleveland, Ohio.

The Open Section finished in a 3-way tie with GM Sergey Kudrin, IM Bryan Smith and John Miller all scoring 4/5. Each player took home $1400 for their efforts while GM Kudrin finished slight ahead of IM Smith on 2nd tie-break to take the title and an additional $100 1st place bonus prize.

Final standings, Open Section (USCF ratings):
1-3. GM Sergey Kudrin 2612 ($1500.00), IM Bryan G Smith 2498, ($1400.00) and John M Miller 2063($1400.00) – 4.0
4-11. IM Goran Vojinovic 2555, FM Carl Brandon Boor 2362, Gopal S Menon 2250, Hibiki Sakai 2101, David Allen 2205, Jonathan S Kogen 2189, Sam S Copeland 2184 and FM Matt Hassen 2190 – 3.5 ($187.50 each) etc (48 players)

Bryan Smith

IM Bryan Smith

The event had 6 sections: Open, Under 2000, Under 1800, Under 1600, Under 1300 and Under 1000. All sections were 5 round Swiss tournaments with 3-day and 2-day schedules to play in.

The final standings, with prizes, are now posted for all sections on the official website.

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