66th Montenegro Individual Men’s Championship 2014 LIVE!

The 66th Montenegro Individual Men’s Chess Championship is taking place on 10-20th December 2014 in Podgorica as a part of “December Days of Chess” in Podgorica.

The event is a 12-player round-robin tournament, held in the hall of the National Library “Radosav Ljumovic”, gathering the members of the Montenegro Olympic team, as well as the most promising players.

List of players: GM Djukic Nikola MNE 2512, GM Blagojevic Dragisa MNE 2504, GM Kosic Dragan MNE 2497, GM Drasko Milan MNE 2431, IM Kalezic Blazo MNE 2422, IM Draskovic Luka MNE 2419, GM Nikcevic Nebojsa MNE 2415, IM Kontic Djordjije MNE 2346, Draganic Veljko MNE 2291, Potpara Nikola MNE 2290, Pecurica Milos MNE 2235, Krstonijevic Stjepan MNE 2093

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