74th Italian Individual Chess Championship 2014 LIVE!

The 74th Italian Individual Chess Championship for men is taking place from 22nd November to 5th December 2014 at the Presso l’Hotel “Villa Rota Resort” in Boscotrecase, a commune (municipality) in the Province of Naples in the Italian region Campania.

The event is a 12-player round-robin tournament, including most of the best Italian chess players: 2012 champion GM Alberto David (2578), GM Sabino Brunello (2568), 2013 champion GM Danyyil Dvirnyy (2515), GM Axel Rombaldoni (2505), 5 time Italian champion GM Michele Godena (2495), IM Denis Rombaldoni (2480), 2004 champion IM Fabio Bruno (2436), IM Fabrizio Bella (2415), IM Daniele Genocchio (2407), FM Artem Gilevych (2396), FM Nicola Altini (2394) and IM Daniel Contin (2327).

The average rating is 2460, while the first prize is in the amount of 3.000 €.

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