8th Batavia Chess Tournament 2016 LIVE!

The 8th Batavia Chess Tournament takes place from Thursday, February 18th to Sunday, February 28th, 2016 in Café Batavia 1920, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The event is a 10-player all-play-all event with time control 90′/40 moves + 30′ + 30″.

Participants: GM Sabino Brunello (2562) ITA, GM Friso Nijboer (2545) NED, GM Lars Schandorff (2500) DEN, IM Moulthun Ly (2480) AUS, IM Arthur Pijpers (2476) NED, IM Thomas Willemze (2418) NED, IM Stef Soors (2390) BEL, WGM Anne Haast (2381) NED, Lucas van Foreest (2350) NED and FM Danny de Ruiter (2312) NED.

Official website/ Standings and statistics

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