African Chess Confederation – Disruption of the Meeting

sahPress statement by Delegate of Seychelles Chess Federation

The Garry Kasparov camp, seeing that their nominee is convincingly losing the FIDE election, have decided to target the continental elections for disruption.

In preliminary discussions on voting rights of the members of the African Chess Confederation (ACC), in complete disregard of current Statutes the Kasparov camp tried to force the Continental Assembly to give voting rights to the federations of Tanzania and Burkina Faso.

Tanzania and Burkina Faso are provisional members of FIDE and are therefore not entitled to vote in FIDE or Continental elections.

The protracted disagreements in the ACC General Assembly continued until the afternoon.

When it became clear that the Kasparov camp are not prepared to allow the ACC Statutes to guide deliberations of the meeting, and that they had decided to adopt an entrenched position, the Chairman of the meeting invited FIDE lawyers to provide guidance to the Assembly so as to allow progress to prevail.

In complete disregard of the Chairman’s intentions to make progress, the Kasparov camp then proceed to refuse any attempt to follow the meeting agenda.

Seeing that there was no way to continue the meeting under the prevailing conditions and circumstances, the Chairman in consultation with the ACC Board members decided to suspend the meeting and reconvene at a date and time to be advised.

After the closure of the session, the Kasparov camp remained in the room for a private meeting with Garry Kasparov who was already waiting outside clearly indicating that he was aware of the impending suspension of the meeting as per their intended disruption.

This whole situation is not for the benefit of the ACC member federations and for chess in Africa.

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