Aleksandr Shimanov best in Mid-America Open 2016

Aleksandr Shimanov

Aleksandr Shimanov

The 20th Annual Mid-America Open was held from March 18-20, 2016, at the Clayton Plaza Hotel St. Louis-Clayton, 7750 Carondelet Ave., St. Louis, Missouri.

The event had seven elo-sections and the playing format was 5-round Swiss with the time control 40/100, SD/30, d10.

The main Open section had 57 participants. GM Aleksandr Shimanov took a clear first place with 4,5 points to claim the top prize of $2100.

Open section final standings:

1. GM Aleksandr Shimanov 2698 MO – 4,5
2-6. GM Illya Nyzhnyk 2718 MO, GM Julio C Sadorra 2646 TX, FM Todd D Andrews 2383 TN, Gopal Menon 2362 IL and Matthew Larson 2335 MO – 4,0
7-13. GM Conrad Holt 2645 KS, IM Priyadharshan Kannappan 2586 MO, GM Ashwin Jayaram 2555 MO, IM Aman Hambleton 2526 QC, GM Denes Boros 2511 MO, FM David Tianjian Peng 2315 IL and Rithwik Mathur 2082 WI – 3,5 etc

The total prize fund was $20,000.

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