Alexandra Goryachkina wins the 2015 Russian Championship

Aleksandra Goryachkina

Aleksandra Goryachkina

Alexandra Goryachkina is the 2015 Russian Women Champion. Congratulations! She won the title in a very heated competition in Chita.

In a last round drama, having only 1/2 points advantage after 10 rounds, Goryachkina struggled against Lahno in a long and tense battle. The result did not matter in the end, as her closest competitor Kosteniuk lost her game.

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This title is yet another success in the brilliant career of Goryachkina. She became WGM at the age of 13 and among the many gold medals in her career are the Russian Cup 2012, the World U18 Championship, the World Junior 2013, the World Junior Championship 2014 (with a round to go!), Lyudmila Rudenko Memorial, 100 years Botvinnik, etc.


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Earlier today Evgeny Tomashevsky became Russian champion for men. Stay tuned for a full report on after all games of the round are complete

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