Anand draws with Caruana at Grenke Classic

Fabiano Caruana

The first game to finish in Germany’s Grenke Claasics round 7 was the draw signed by Fabiano Caruana and Viswanathan Anand. In this way the Italian secures at least a shared first place in the current standings.

Anand used the Sicilian defense and the game took a positional nature in the middlegame. Caruana got a little initiative thanks to his space advantage, but the Indian’s defensive skills were enough to secure the draw. In the final position, the endgame does not give any player chances to look for a win.

The game that heated up the most was the battle between the German players Meier and Fridman. Georg Meier took the initiative against his colleague Fridman in a strategic position after winning a pawn on move 33, and he is currently on the way to convert it into a win in a rook + bishop vs rook + knight endgame.

The game still goes on, stay tuned for updates on

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