Arab Individual Chess Champioship for juniors

Arab Individual Chess Champioship for juniors was held in Sharjah Chess Club, UAE from 28.01 to 03.02.

In the under 20 group winner is CM Hbacha Achraf, followed by IM Ouaret Abdelouhab and IM Sultan Ibrahim.
In the under 18 group winner is CM Al-Zaabi Sultan, followed by FM Zayan Mohamed and FM Al-Bashayra Yazan.
In the under 16 group winner is CM Al Hosani Omran, followed by CM Loay Sameer and Saif Ahmed.
In the under 14 group winner is Ahmed Jaza Jamal followed by FM Ammar Sedrani and CM Saif Malek.
In the under 12 group winner is Bousmaha Wassel followed by Mohamed Saeed Laily and Zaid Alaa Chasib.
In the under 10 group winner is Al Shamsi Hamad Naseer, followed by Abdullah Bany Yaseen and Brahimi Abderahim.
In the under 8 group winner is Seder Mohamad, followed by Aoudia Aghiles and Alhammadi Khalifa Mohamed.
In the group girls under 18 winner is WFM Nassr Rania followed by WFM Wadima Humaid S H Alkalbani and WFM Maakni Assia.
In the group girls under 14 winner is WIM Nassr Lina, followed by WCM Chihi Malak and WCM Al Maamari Wafia Darwish.
In the group girls under 10 winner is WCM Rouda Essa Alserkal, followed by WCM Chihi Ghada and Hala Mousa

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