Australian Junior Championships 2015

Australia flagYi Liu has become the 2015 Australian Junior Champion after winning the Under 18 Open section of the Australian Junior Championship. He scored 8/9, conceding two draws on his way to first place.

Kristine Quek is the 2015 Australian Girls Champion, winning the Under 18 Girls section with 6.5/8.

Other title winners were Patrick Gong (Under 16), Haran Salasan (Under 14), Jason Wang (Under 12), Christopher Lim (Under 10), Atlas Ballieu (Under 8), Denise Lim (Under 16 Girls), Cassandra Lim (Under 14 Girls), Jody Middleton (Under 12 Girls), Jennifer Zhang (Under 10 Girls), and Ellie Choemuke-Huang (Under 8 Girls).

The 9-day event attracted a field of 270 players, with tournaments across nine sections. There was also a blitz event, with Yi Liu winning the Under 18 years section, and Jason Wang winning the Under 12 section.

Full results (plus games) from the event can be seen at

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