Blondes defeat Brunettes in traditional match

The traditional match between ”Blondes” and “Brunettes” took place on 1st April in the restaurant “Carlson” in Moscow.

This time Caissa favored the Blondes who won with the score 48,5:32,5 to take the overall lead 2,5:1,5 in all matches held from 2011.

Grandmaster Valentina Gunina and International Master Maria Fominikh recorded the best individual results of 8,5/9 points each. IM Alina Bivol collected 8 points.

Among the Brunettes GM Marina Guseva excelled to finish with 7 points.

Valentina Gunina

Valentina Gunina

Maria Fominykh

Maria Fominykh

The first match was held in 2011, when the Brunettes won. In 2012 the Blondes struck back. Last year after the fierce fighting the match was tied 50:50.

In parallel with the match there was a children’s tournament, in which the first place was shared by Sasha Bain and Inna Rabinovich. 

At the closing ceremony all participants were handed a bouquet of flowers, and the top three winners in the individual competition were also awarded cash prizes.

Photos by Eldar Mukhametov

Blondes - Brunettes

Group photo

Children's chess tournament

Children’s chess tournament

Blondes - Brunettes

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