Capablanca Memorial 2013 – Premier Group line up

The presence of six women, five Cuban and one Venezuelan, will be the novelty within the Premier Group of the 48th International Capablanca Memorial that will begin on April 20th at the Hotel Habana Riviera in the Cuban capital.

The organizers of the Premier tournament informed that this year’s roster will be headed by WGM Lisandra Ordaz (2361), the highest-rated Cuban female player and the only member of the top-100 of the world from this country. She will be joined by Yanira Vigoa (2319), Sulennis Piña (2332), Maritza Arribas (2321) and Oleynis Linares (2321).

The list of participants is completed by Venezuelan IM Sarai Sanchez (2212), Angolan IM Pedro Aderito (2333), Ecuadorian IM Plinio Pazos, IM Carlos Dávila (2304) from Nicaragua ann the untitled Venezuelan Jose Luis Castro (2258).


Lisandra Ordaz Valdes (Cuba)

Lisandra Ordaz will be the first seed

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WGM Lisandra Ordaz (2361)
WGM Yanira Vigoa (2319)
WGM Sulennis Piña (2332)
WGM Maritza Arribas (2321)
WGM Oleynis Linares (2321)
IM Sarai Sanchez (2212)
IM Pedro Aderito (2333)
IM Plinio Pazos (2283)
IM Carlos Dávila (2304)
Jose Luis Castro (2258)


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