Carlsen beats Grischuk and catches Aronian

Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen defeated Alexander Grischuk and caught up with Aronian at +2 in the Candidates Tournament. This result matches the predictions of the experts and chess fans – most of the people thought that the fight for the spot in the finals would include these two players.

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Carlsen opened with 1.e4 and Grischuk chose the Berlin Defense of the Ruy Lopez. The Norwegian, true to his style, took the battle to the middlegame. He decided to exchange his light-squared bishop for Grischuk’s knight early in the game, getting a good development and well-coordinated pieces in exchange of the pair of bishops.

The Russian played actively, moving his pawns to the opposite camp and looking for ways to complicate his strong rival. Carlsen grabbed the weak pawns that Grischuk left behind hoping to compensate with his active pieces. The material advantage proved to be easy to maintain. By this moment, Grischuk was already low on time and was not able to defend. Resignation came on move 37.

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