Carlsen wins fourth straight Chess Oscar

The chess magazine “64″, represented by its editor-in-chief┬áMark Glukhovsky, awarded the 2012 Chess Oscar to Magnus Carlsen. This is the fourth straight time that the Norwegian prodigy receives this prestigious award. The selection of the player to receive this accolade is made through a democratic vote among chess journalists and players.

Carlsen’s dominance in the tournaments played last year was evident. Here we present all the successful results he had during 2012:

Second place in Tata Steel Tournament, behind Levon Aronian
Clear win at the Tal Memorial
Second place at the World Rapid Chess Championship, behind Sergey Karjakin
First place on tiebreak at Grand Masters Final
Successful presentation at the Gran Fiesta UNAM in Mexico
Rating record, surpassing Kasparov’s best historical mark
Clear first at the 4th London Chess Classic

Magnus Carlsen receiving his trophy

Magnus Carlsen receiving his trophy

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