Chess-Go match Morozevich vs Hillarp Persson

egc-logoDuring the European Go Congress a special match between famous Grandmasters Alexander Morozevich (Russia) and Tiger Hillarp Persson (Sweden) will take place. Both of them can play Go game close to dan level.

10-00, 1st game: Go (commentary by Go professional)
11-30, 2nd game: Chess (commentary by chess Grandmaster)
14-00, 3rd game: Go (commentary by Go professional)
15-30, 4th game: Chess (commentary by chess Grandmaster)
17-00, tie-breaker (deciding blitz game if it’s necessary) – game selection by draw
18-00, Simultaneous exhibition by Morozevich and Hillarp Persson on 10 boards each
20-00, Prize-giving ceremony

Hillarp Persson tweeted: “Feeling both honoured and bouncy about the combined chess and go-match vs Alexander Morozevich”

The European Go Congress will be held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, from July 22 till August 7, 2016.

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