Chessity covers the Candidates with GM Erwin L’Ami and IM Robert Ris

chessityGM Erwin L’Ami is blogging daily on the Candidates at Chessity. He is analyzing the most effective lines and also providing a video of the round. See more at

Endgame trainer system

International chess master Robert Ris developed the unique endgame trainer that is based on a well-known program of Chessity. It utilizes instructional scaffolding and compels players to learn through experience.

According to Robert Ris, “The new endgame trainer program is perfect for those who want to improve their chess playing skills to professional level. With the inclusion of chess video broadcast along with blogs and much more, Chessity has given me a great platform to introduce this fantastic new endgame trainer program.”

Chessity released the new Endgame trainer system, see more here

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