China wins Belaya Ladya in Dagomys

The final of 2016 Belaya Ladya scholastic team competition ended on June 8 in Sochi. The team from China secured first place with a round to spare, however, second and third places were contested in a tense struggle.

In the last round, Moscow lost to China 1-3, St. Petersburg defeated Volgograd Region 2.5-1.5, Sverdlovsk Region defeated Moscow Region-2 2.5-1.5, Israel lost to Armenia 1-3, and Latvia defeated Novosibirsk Region 2.5-1.5.

Final standings:
1. China 29.5
2. St. Petersburg 24
3. Armenia 24
4. Sverdlovsk Region 23.5
5. Chelyabinsk Region 23.5 etc

The best Russian team, St. Petersburg’s Gymnasium #2, receives a special prize introduced by the Timchenko Foundation – a trip to Far East to play a friendly match with the Chinese team.

China wins Belaya Ladya in Dagomys

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