Nittedal Sjakklubb

Nittedal Sjakklubb is a Norwegian chess club from Nittedal, a small municipity just outside of Oslo. The club has 30 players (15 adults and 15 juniors). The club has a special section for kids and juniors, Rotnes skole, Skolebakken 1, 1482 Nittedal. Every Tuesday at 19:00, there is a special club evening at Nittedal ungdomsskole, Stasjonsveien 10, 1482 Nittedal. New members – adults and children – living in Nittedal or in the vicinity are welcome!

Club director: Svein Arne Thrana

Present club champion: Svein Arne Thrana

Best player: Erik Parr, who once played in the elite division in the Norwegian national championship. At that time, Elo 2215.

Mail address: Svein Arne Thrana, Nedre Bjertnes 2, N-1482 Nittedal, Norway

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Games – replay some club games

Photos of club members

magnus carlsen norway

Magnus Carlsen at age 11 playing one of the young players of Nittedal Sjakklubb, Håkon Øksnevad
The game was for the U12 junior championship of Norway in 2001

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