CNN Interview of the RCF President Andrei Filatov

CNN news anchor and London correspondent Nina dos Santos featured the Russian Chess Federation President Andrei Filatov in CNN’s “The Business View”. Below excerpts from web edition:

Filatov hopes to one day found his own museum in London and promote a “better understanding” of his home nation.

“I want to show the creative work of the Russian people, so that there is more love for Russia,” he says. “That is why I want to build a museum here.”

Filatov isn’t new to the world of soft diplomacy.

As President of the Russian Chess Federation, he has overseen international tournaments at the Louvre in Paris and personally funded the restoration of the tomb of the Russian chess legend Alexander Alekhine in the same city.

Cultural exchanges, he says, can be key ways of keeping the dialogue going.

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Andrey Filatov

Andrey Filatov (photo by Russian Chess Federation)

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