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Short – Cheparinov LIVE now!

live commentary by GM Dimitrov, and live updates from the hall with video

12:00 The game Short – Cheparinov will take place… if Short decides to sit behind the table. Cheparinov has completed his part and has apologized. Scroll down, for more comments, video, and the live game

In this section you can find the video from yesterday’s events, as well as the full log of live updates from yesterday (at the end of the article). At 13:00 CET GM Dimitrov will start the live comments of the game, and the editors will keep you updated on the events right above the game. Enjoy!

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12:15 Here is the video of the Corus B round 8 incident. It is not the best quality since the video editing team is on vacation until Linares, but it still presents the actual events in the first minutes of the Short – Cheparinov game. This is all we could receive by e-mail, expect better quality these days. You can find the full log of events below the video. Short – Cheparinov LIVE on, game starts at 13:30 CET.

12:25 The appeals committe members yesterday were Kramnik, Krasenkow, and Polgar. At first Kramnik wanted to give his position away, but in the end he participated in the decisions. One of the orders by the appeals committee is completed, Cheparinov has apologized. Now the players just have to sit behind the board.. and shake hands

12:35 Yesterday the game was suspended over a recommendation, not a rule, which is not a correct decision by the arbiter. Besides, this recommendation is not well stated. The players should shake hands “before the game starts”. However, if a player arrives after the game starts (in this case 1. e4), may a third party claim that both opponents are forfeited as they did not shake hands before the start? Going even deeper in theoretical analysis of the rule, is a greeting a month ago valid for the condition “before the game starts”? This recommendation needs serious rework before being approved.

12:40 Let’s not forget the other games of round 8. Check out the full standings and the commented games Anand – Topalov and Caruana – Brown and the commented games You can find full photo report of round 7 by Carla Amse at the day 7 photos report.

Ivan Cheparinov’s statement

Dear All,

I accept the decision of the Appeal Committee and on the name of chess ,the chess fans and showing respect to the opinion of my colleagues would like to state the following:

I apologize officially to Mr. Short, to the Organizing Committee and the sponsors of Corus chess tournament.

I am ready to play the game today at 13’30 and will shake hands with Mr.Short according to the decision of the Appeal Committee.

Best regards,

Ivan Cheparinov

13:10 The incident from yesterday started receiving funny names around forums and blogs. It has been called “the shake hands Gambit”, “Cheparinov’s Gambit”, “1.e4 c5 Short’s variation” etc. If you have you suggestion, send it to us. The most creative will enter in our Chess dictionary

13:15 New suggestion for a name of the game: “anti-Handshake Defense”, surely enters the dictionary.

13:35 The game should have started by now…. phone of our correspondent switched off, probably she is in the playing hall.

13:37 Short is not behind the board. From Peter we read: “Cheparinov’s apologies have been published. At the moment, several people are trying to persuade Short to play.” Peter also states, that the incident could have been a testcase for tomorrow’s game between Kramnik and Topalov.

13:40 No updates from our correspondent and no moves played. We hope everything will be fine and our title from yesterday “The Second Elista” will not turn out to be true.

13:45 Game called by our readers “Short variation” and “SHORTest defense” (i.e. the game gets to be too short over a handshake)…. but it may turn out that it continues for days!

13:50 Short has arrived later to the hall as a sign of protest that the game should be replayed. We hope that the scandal ends here. Chessdom tried to warn about the danger with the non shaking hands durign the Anna Rudolf case, now it has repeated. We hope FIDE approves a general and sound norm on the issue.

14:10 Short’s name takes lead in the competition “name of the game”. Several suggestions for “SHORTs novelty” just came.

14:30 “Delayed Handshake Variation” of Bagio Gambit (Karpov declined Korchnoi’s handshake in Game 8 of the Bagio city match). Always looking at the fun side of chess, the Chessdom dictionary! The serious one is down there on the board where battles should take place and beautiful chess games created.

15:00 Now an interesting question arises. If Short and Cheparinov replay the game, will Anna Rudolf case change? May be not over the refusal of handshake, but the story there was much deeper and a precedent that should be examined carefully. The Hungarian Chess Federation has sent an official letter to FIDE. Viktor Novotny from Novoborsky has just informed us that Anna starts playing in the Czech republic at Mariensbad Open. She played for her club last week, and her coach Ben Purton informed Chessdom she drew successfully another grandmaster – GM Conquest.

15:03 We received another interestig suggestion – “DunderHAND Gambit” (derivation of dunderheads, a word Short used some months ago).

15:05 Possible notation for yesterday’s game: 1.e4!! c5?? 1-0

15:45 Tomorrow is the game Topalov – Kramnik. Hopefully the situation in the Corus game between Short and Cheparinov was not a preview of tomorrow’s game. Repeating the story will not be good for the fans, for the game, for the tournament, and the sponsors.

16:00 “Cheparinov – SHORTcut” is the newest name of the game. We are awaiting more suggestions through our contact form

18:50 Move 64 played. The game is going to finish soon. Will the players shake hands after the game? No rule seems to oblige them….. We certainly hope they do.

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Short – Cheparinov game 1

1. e4 c5 Is this a psychological war between Cheparinov and Short? Only one move for 20 minutes

Does this have anything to do with the stories around Elista or even back in San Luis?…. 25 minutes without a move

Or it has to do with the new Danailov signaling system?

30 minutes without a move…..

Official site gives 1-0! Something happens in Corus……. and the news is here! Ivan Cheparinov has been forfited over a handshake!!!!!!!!!!!

And here the scandal will start with full power. We remember the official letter from FIDE official to that no player can be forfeited over a handshake. Mr. David Jarrett said “The laws of chess have not been amended for the refusal of players to shake hands. The matter was discussed in Antalya at the Ethics Commission and the Arbiter’s Council but no final decision was taken. Further consideration will be given to the matter. ” full statement here Stay tuned, more info coming!

Chief Arbiter Thomas van Beekum was a witness when Cheparinov refused Short’s offer to shake hands twice and the Bulgarian’s game was declared a loss as a result. Yet in the same conditions Anna Rudolf did not receive a full point. If FIDE follows the same criteria, either Cheparinov should not be forfeited, or Anna Rudolf declared winner of Vandoeuvre open

14:30 CET The official statement cited on the site not up to date and not final decision according to FIDE letter to Stay tuned for live updates, official comments comming

15:00 CET We have just received a call from Silvio Danailov. He confirmed that the decision is against FIDE laws. The game might continue even today if the organizing commettee decides.

15:15 CET To understand better the situation be sure to check the story of Anna Rudolf on Chessdom. Yesterday, the Hungarian Chess Federation filed a letter to FIDE regarding a similar case.

15:25 CET Three days ago Silvio Danailov said infront of Bulgarian media that there will be no handshake in Topalov Kramnik game. Or FIDE has to act in a 24 hours period or this situation cannot be prevented.

15:35 Short explains the situation for a video for, however, he does not know that the rule he is citing is NOT valid. We have been writing about this for a week already and FIDE have confirmed this on several occasions. The arbiter was clearly not up to date with the decisions of FIDE.

16:00 The official appeal by Ivan Cheparinov should be ready any moment. If accepted, the game can continue today! And this is very possible because FIDE laws have to be taken into consideration, especially at a Grand Slam tournament.

16:15 Cheparinov’s action come as a direct defense of Anna Rudolf. We still cannot get in touch with her to see if there is any connection, but could this be a gentleman act supporting Anna, or it is as Danailov states “going back in time, when Nigel threw baseless accusations against Cheparinov”?

16:17 At the same time the game Topalov Anand continues with the live comments of GM Dimitrov on You can also follow the Corus C derby Barun – Caruana with Alex Brunetti.

16:25 Different behavior norms have been posted around websites. However, the only official statement by FIDE until now is the one sent to by Mr. David Jarrett, and it is that a forfeit cannot happen over a handshake. In any other case Anna Rudolf would have won the Open tournament.

Official appeal by Ivan Cheparinov, just in!

Dear All,

Today during the start of the round the following accident happened.

Mr. Cheparinov refused to shake hands with Mr. Short before the game.

The reason was: some time ago in one of his interviews Mr. Short insulted him and our team gravelly.

After that, Mr.Short complained to the Chief Arbiter of the Tournament ,who without previous warning immediately decide to put defeat to Mr.Cheparinov.

According to the rules of FIDE, this decision is illegal.

There is a recommendation from the FIDE Presidential Board in Tallin June 2007about the Behavioural norms of players in chess events :
First of all, this is only recommendation, not an official FIDE rule because this recommendation must be approved on FIDE congress during the chess Olympiad in Dresden, November 2008.
Even more, if the Arbiter would like to follow the recommendation of the FIDE PB in Tallin ,he made a big mistake ,because obviously he did not even check carefully the recommendation.
Before to defeat the player he must ask him officially on the stage, that if he does not shake hand again he will be defeated.
Instead of this ,the Chief Arbiter call Mr.Cheparinov to the private room and told him that he lost the game.
Mr.Cheparinov replay ,that according to the recommendation (!) of FIDE he should ask him to shake hands ,before to take any decision.
Even more ,Mr.Cheparinov told him very clearly that if he oblige him to do this ,he is ready to do it.
Unexpectedly, the Arbiter did not pay any attention to his explanations and took the decision to defeat him.
We protest this illegal decision ,and kindly ask to replay the game in one of the following rest days.

Signed: Silvio Danailov, manager of Ivan Cheparinov

16:35 Chessdom has been trying to inform everyone over the “shaking hands rule” in the past week. If you have followed the scandal, you know that the Hungarian Chess Federation filed a complaint. But there things are deeper than a handshake. A handshake is indeed “recommended”, but not obligatory.

17:00 Ivan Cheparinov is being silent on the scandal until now. There will probably be an official appeals committee meeting where he will expose his position.

17:15 After a small research, we found the original reason for Cheparinov to protest. Nigel Short threw baseless accusations against Topalov team and never asked for an excuse. FIDE did not take actions as well. This FIDE inactivity reflected until Anna Rudolf’s case, and baseless accusations appeared there as well. Cheparinov and Anna Rudolf get on the same side of the conflict. If there is a FIDE penalty it should first go for the baseless accusations which is unsportsmanlike behavior, something theoretically in breach with the Ethics commission rules.

17:45 It will be fun in this case! Danailov’s protest is addressed to the organizing committee, as well as to Adams, Polgar, and…… KRAMNIK. Short supported Kramnik during Elista going back to the baseless accusations that we mentioned. Will Kramnik support Short and in what way?

18:00 Kramnik, through his manager, has decided to resign from the appeals committee. Adams, as from the same country as Short, resigns as well. They will be replaced by L’Ami and Krasenkow.

18:15 Chessdom’s documentation on Anna Rudolf’s case will be taken into consideration in the meeting at the appeals committee, our correspondent in Holland has just reported. As we say, it is basically the same case. Or Anna Rudolf has to win her open tournament, or Cheparinov replay the game! And of course you can follow it LIVE on Chessdom.

18:30 Fun fact. The “not valid rule” (as already explained) states that the handshake should take place “before the game starts”. But it was refused after the start, which puts the rule in zugzwang. When it is valid it should be carefully reworked. And the game should be replayed today or in the rest day tomorrow.

19:00 Expect a video from the events in the playing hall! We are expecting it in our e-mail soon, then we will optimize and publish. The data there might be important, as it seems the arbiter did not follow the procedures. Stay tuned!

19:45 The hearings have taken place and the final decision will be known later tonight. Stay with Chessdom to get the latest news live!

20:15 The game will for sure not continue today, as the decision of the appeals committee is still not available. However, Nigel has been seen storming out of the room, saying “They want me to play tomorrow! No way I am playing tomorrow!” Whether there is a game or a scandal tomorrow, it will be live on Chessdom. Stay tuned!

20:30 Appeal’s committee decision: game to be replayed tomorrow at 13:30 CET! Cheparinov is also asked to make a public excuse and the players will be obliged to shake hands. If someone does not follow these norms, he will be forfeited.

20:35 Will Cheparinov apologize? Will Short agree to play? Are they obliged according to FIDE rules? Stay tuned for official reactions, live coverage continues!

Appeals committee decison

The Appeals Committee (GMs Vladimir Kramnik, Michal Krasenkow, Judit Polgar) agrees that refusal to shake hands with one’s opponent before the game is an obvious violation of the behavioural norms of players in chess events.

According to the decision of FIDE Presidential Board taken in June 2007, any player who doesn’t shake hands with his/her opponent (and doesn’t do it after being asked to do so by the arbiter) will immediately lose the game.

However, according to the information obtained by the Appeals Committee, in the relevant case GM Cheparinov, after his initial refusal to shake hands with GM Short, didn’t clearly reject the arbiter’s request to do so.


1.We declare that GM Cheparinov must make a public excuse to GM Short in a written form before 11.00 hours January 21st 2008 for his refusal to shake hands.

2. Then the game between Ivan Cheparinov and Nigel Short has to be replayed on Monday January 21st 2008 at 13.30 hours.

3. Both players must shake hands at the start of the game.

4. Any player failing to comply with the present decision forfeits the game.

In order to avoid any conflicts in future we suggest the following procedure in similar cases: if one of the players deliberately refuses to shake his/her opponent’s offered hand at the start of the game, the arbiter shall officially warn him/her and demand him/her to do so. Only if the player again refuses to shake hand, he/she automatically forfeits the game.

20:45 Massive number of emails flying through the contact form towards Chessdom. There seems to be one central question that most people are asking. Is this appeals decision binding? Will the players be obliged to follow it even if it is against the FIDE rules and only based on a recommendation?

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