Danailov supports Kasparov

The human rights of a great champion are disregarded

Mtel Masters is one of the strongest and most prestigious international chess tournaments in the world. As the director of this important chess event, I want to state my opinion on yet another bad incident with Gary Kasparov. Yesterday, he was arrested while attempting to visit a protest of the opposition in Russia.

Garry Kasparov is one of the greatest names in chess history. He is a legend in this sport and has contributed greatly throughout the years for the development of chess not only in Russia, but in different countries all around the world. I believe that the rude attitude towards him, which we are have been witnessing lately, is intolerable and that the politics cannot be a reason for a name like Kasparov to be defiled and discredited. Also, the human rights of a great champion are disregarded.

I think that sports are a way of bringing people and nations together and that everyone has the right to express his convictions in a peaceful way.

I call upon every chess fan in the world to support Garry!

Silvio Danailov

Director of Mtel Masters

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