Ding Liren is struggling to win his game in Reykjavik

Ding Liren id

Ding Liren

The first round of the Reykjavik Open continued without surprises. Most of the games did not even get to the time control, given the big superiority proven by the favorites.

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While some players like Ivan Sokolov, Bartosz Socko and Ivan Cheparinov are already resting before tomorrow’s round, the Chinese star Ding Liren is still fighting to get his first point.

The fifth seeded player is facing Sebastian Mihajlov, Norwegian player with a 2059 rating. The game has arrived to an endgame with a strange material balance. Ding Liren has a rook, a bishop an two extra pawns for Mihajlov’s queen and it will not be easy for the Chinese to break through while avoiding a perpetual check.

The first surprising result came in a lower board. Soren Jensen from Denmark defeated the Norwegian IM Frode Urkedal.

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