New videos from the ETCC 2007

GM L’ami, post mortems, and videos from the hall

European Team Chess Championship

Recent ETCC videos

Interview with GM Erwin L’ami

Topalov Portrait

Topalov about ETCC, World Cup, and Vitoria

Veselin Topalov gave an interview for Chessdom at the last day of his stay here in the ETCC 2007 in Creta. He talked about the World Cup, his performance at the ETCC, and the tournament in Vitoria.

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ETCC 2007 Round 2 ID 1

Video ETCC round 1

Video from the start of the European Team Chess Championship 2007. It features several top boards and many known faces.

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ETCC 2007 Round 4 ID Video

Post mortems

Round 4 post mortems

Caruana Tiviakov

Bacrot Carlsen

European Team Chess Championship

More videos

Video of round 4 women section

Paco Vallejo interview

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