FIDE New Year’s Online Grand Prix 2016

The New year chess will be held on FIDE online platform on January 1st, 2016. The competition is open to all members who have previously obtained FIDE Online Blitz or Bullet rating.

The Grand Prix consists of 8 tournaments, 4 with blitz time control and 4 with bullet time control. Tournament registration opens 3 hours before the start of the each tournament and closes when the tournament starts or when the maximum number of 999 players per tournament is reached.

All tournaments are 9 round Swiss tournaments. The time control of the blitz tournaments is 3 minutes for the whole game for each player. The time control of the bullet tournaments is 1 minute for the whole game for each player plus 1 second increment starting from move 1. If there is a tie for the winners, these ties will be resolved in the following order: a) total score in all tournaments and b) average value performances in these top 5 tourtnaments Find more information here

Sign up for participation at the official website

Starting time of events (GMT/UTC)

Blitz 1 – 12:00
Bullet 1 – 13:15
Blitz 2 – 16:00
Bullet 2 – 17:15
Blitz 3 – 19:00
Bullet 3 – 20:15
Blitz 4 – 22:00
Bullet 4 – 23:15

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