Carlsen – Volokitin LIVE!

Live commentary from Foros Aerosvit 2008 with GM Dimitrov

Annotated games:

Carlsen – Ivanchuk / Svidler – Carlsen / Nisipeanu – Ivanchuk / Carlsen – Van Wely

Eljanov – Carlsen / Carlsen – Shirov / Shirov – Karjakin / Carlsen – Alekseev

Nisipeanu – Carlsen / Carlsen – Onischuk / Jakovenko – Carlsen

This surely will be one of the most exciting games of the day. Signs for the importance of this game came from the blog of Henrik Carlsen. In his summary of round 9 he says, “Tomorrow Magnus has white against Volokitin. He has a terrible score this opponent, but they haven’t played for two years so it is time for revenge!

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