Magnus Carlsen Captured Foros Aerosvit

Vassily Ivanchuk clear second

Annotated games:

Carlsen – Ivanchuk / Svidler – Carlsen / Nisipeanu – Ivanchuk / Carlsen – Van Wely

Eljanov – Carlsen / Carlsen – Shirov / Shirov – Karjakin / Carlsen – Alekseev

Nisipeanu – Carlsen / Carlsen – Onischuk / Jakovenko – Carlsen / Carlsen – Volokitin


The last round game between Sergey Karjakin and Magnus Carlsen was a short but exciting affair. Karjakin wanted to avoid Sicilian Dragon this time and opened with 1.d4, to which Carlsen replied with Gruenfeld Indian defence. White sacrificed a pawn to force dark-squared Bishops exchange and stormed against Black weakened King. Carlsen had to defend for a while, but after the Queen’s trade, the resulting position was roughly equal ending and players agreed to draw on 29th move.

After the starting two points from two rounds and disastrous streak in the middle of the tournament, Alexei Shirov won the last two games and reached 50% score. Andrei Volokitin found the key against Berlin Ruy Lopez lock and beat Evgeny Alekseev. He earlier lost in the same variation to compatriot Pavel Eljanov. See GM Mikhail Golubev’s excellent game analysis on the official website. Hans Arild Runde updated his “Measure Up” column by including Foros Aerosvit results into July rating list projection. Henrik Carlsen provided plenty of interesting information on his blog.

Round 11 results:

Svidler, Peter ½ – ½ Van Wely, Loek

Ivanchuk, Vassily 1 – 0 Eljanov, Pavel

Karjakin, Sergey ½ – ½ Carlsen, Magnus

Volokitin, Andrei 1 – 0 Alekseev, Evgeny

Jakovenko, Dmitry ½ – ½ Nisipeanu, Liviu-Dieter

Onischuk, Alexander 0 – 1 Shirov, Alexei

Final standings:

1. Magnus Carlsen 2765 – 8.0

2. Vassily Ivanchuk 2740 – 7.0

3-4. Sergey Karjakin 2732 and Pavel Eljanov 2687 – 6.0

5-7. Dmitry Jakovenko 2711, Alexei Shirov 2740 and Andrei Volokitin 2684 – 5.5

8-10. Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu 2684, Peter Svidler 2746 and Evgeny Alekseev 2711 – 5.0

11. Loek Van Wely 2676 – 4.0

12. Alexander Onischuk 2664 – 3.5

Foros Karjakin-Carlsen

Karjakin – Carlsen draw

Foros Carlsen prize

Carlsen receiving prize

Foros Ivanchuk prize

Ivanchuk admiring his trophy

Foros group photo

Group photo


Round 1 / More on the tournament website

Anand claims 2008 Morelia Linares

Morelia Linares final report and replayable games (updated)

World Champion Vishy Anand confidently brought this affair to its end by drawing the 6th consecutive game which was suitable for the clear first place. His play was light and easy and he rarely looked to be in trouble. The deadly Naidorf Sicilian and Semi-Slav mix provided him three fantastic wins with black pieces, and his only defeat came in the 2nd round after a weak moment against Aronian. Later during the tournament, he introduced safer openings, like Queen’s Indian defence and Caro-Kann. Anand seems to be in wonderful shape and we can’t wait to see him in Melodi Amber rapid/blindfold exhibition that starts next Friday.

Magnus Carlsen enjoys playing Morelia Linares, as said in an interview for Chessdom, and he scored well at the last year’s event. A steady rise of the playing form, that started at the World Chess Cup and continued during the 2008 Corus where he tied first place, put him on the line as one of the main contenders for the winner’s trophy. His opening preparation, flexibility, sharpness and determination were making opposition crack under pressure. This diligence was nicely illustrated in the games with Shirov and Topalov. However, Teimour Radjabov resisted the load in the last round and denied Carlsen’s run for the first place by achieving a draw. Naturally, this enthusiasm can cause some setbacks, as it was seen in the second game against Leko. Nevertheless, Carlsen’s attractive style and wonderful personality clearly set him as chess audience favorite in the future events.

Levon Aronian and Veselin Topalov have finished on +1 score. While Aronian won in the first round in Linares (against Topalov), and then like Anand went on with 6 draws, Topalov had both brilliant and bitter moments. The ex-world champion won Mtel Masters and Vitoria in 2007, but he still has to raise his form for the incoming season. Teimour Radjabov was back after the last year’s incident that forced him to withdraw from the event. The sequent rumours from the “anonymous sources” added to the damage and he struggled through the season to regain the confidence. Year 2008 had a gorgeous start as he won the World Rapid Cup and continued with fine play at the Corus. Here in Morelia Linares he engaged in opening experiments which brought him a win against Carlsen and loss against Shirov.

Vassily Ivanchuk beat Leko twice, but couldn’t find a win against the others. Habitual time trouble cost him a nasty blunder in a winning position versus Aronian and a split against Carlsen. Alexei Shirov and Peter Leko ended on a last place tie. Shirov sat on a nice +1 from Morelia, but then simply crashed in Linares. Leko sparkled when facing Sveshnikov Sicilian but suffered from the lack of opening flexibility, particularly in the Ruy Lopez Marshall attack.

Morelia Linares will be rated for FIDE April list, and Anand is jumping over 2800 again. Vladimir Kramnik remains second, while Alexander Morozevich jumps on third. Veselin Topalov is next and Magnus Carlsen comes 5th with 32 points gain. Projected list here.

Goran Urosevic

Round 14 results:

Vishy Anand – Veselin Topalov draw

Peter Leko – Levon Aronian draw

Magnus Carlsen – Teimour Radjabov draw

Alexei Shirov – Vassily Ivanchuk draw

Final standings:

1. Vishy Anand 8.5

2. Magnus Carlsen 8.0

3-4. Levon Aronian and Veselin Topalov 7.5

5. Teimour Radjabov 7.0

6. Vassily Ivanchuk 6.5

7-8. Alexei Shirov and Peter Leko 5.5

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