FRA-ch 2014 LIVE!

The 89th French Individual Chess Championship for men is taking place on 17-28th August 2014 in Nimes, a city located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Cévennes mountains in Southern France.

Twelve of the best French players are vying for the title 2014 French Chess Champion: GM Etienne BACROT 2720, GM Laurent FRESSINET 2717, GM Romain EDOUARD 2702, GM Tigran GHARAMIAN 2659, GM Christian BAUER 2630, GM Jean-Marc DEGRAEVE 2576, GM Iossif DORFMAN 2571, GM Andreï SOKOLOV 2558, GM Sébastien MAZE 2553, GM Matthieu CORNETTE 2547, GM Jean-Luc CHABANON 2477 and IM Kevin ROSER 2406.

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