German Women’s Masters 2016

The German Chess Federation, ZMDI Chess Festival Dresden and UKA Meissen are organizing the German Masters 2016 from 30th July to 7th August in Dresden.

The tournament will be a ten-player round robin with top German female players and will serve as a good warm-up for the Chess Olympiad in Baku.

Elisabeth Pähtz

Elisabeth Pähtz


Elisabeth Pähtz, IM, FIDE-Elo 2489, DWZ 2499
Marta Michna, WGM, FIDE-Elo 2390, DWZ 2410
Zoya Schleining, WGM, FIDE-Elo 2363, DWZ 2318
Judith Fuchs, WIM, FIDE-Elo 2342, DWZ 2280
Elena Levushkina, WGM, FIDE-Elo 2336, DWZ 2315
Ketino Kachiani-Gersinska, IM, FIDE-Elo 2334, DWZ 2320
Filiz Osmanodja, WIM, FIDE-Elo 2296, DWZ 2271
Melanie Lubbe, WGM, FIDE-Elo 2261, DWZ 2258
Josefine Heinemann, WIM, FIDE-Elo 2221, DWZ 2181
Natalia Straub, WGM, FIDE-Elo 2168, DWZ 2172

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