GM Alexander Ivanov winner of Boston Chess Congress

The 5th Annual Boston Chess Congress was held from 6-8th January at the Hyatt Boston Harbor – Logan Airport, 101 Harborside Dr, Boston MA.

The event had six sections: Premier, U2100, U1900, U1700, U1500 and U1250. The playing format was 5-round Swiss with the time control 40/100, SD/30, d10.

In the Premier section with 38 participants GM Alexander Ivanov took a clear first place with 4,5/5 points.

Final standings:

1. GM Alexander Ivanov 2564 MA – 4,5
2-6. GM Eric Hansen 2659 QC, IM David Vigorito 2448 MA, FM Christopher W Chase 2391 MA, WFM Carissa S Yip 2302 MA and Farzad Abdi 2246 MA – 4,0
7. Matthew Meredith 2125 CT – 3,5
8-16. IM Aleksandr Ostrovskiy 2489 NY, Nithin Kavi 2245 MA, Lawyer Times 2238 MA, Michael Isakov 2225 MA, FM Tan D Nguyen 2141 VA, Timothy Sage 2138 MA, Zhanhe Liu 2134 ON, Suraj Ramanathan 2052 MA and Maxwell D Chen 1983 MA – 3,0

The total prize fund was around $11,000.

Hyatt Harborside at Logan Airport

Hyatt Harborside at Logan Airport

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