GM Boris Savchenko wins Tseshkovsky Memorial, donates prize to family

Vitaly Tseshkovsky Memorial was played as a rapid chess tournament on 8th December in Krasnodar, Russia.

The tournament was attended by 16 invitees and 10 players who qualified from the five stages of the Open Cup “Krasnodar Krai Chess Federation Kuban”. The prize fund was provided by A.G. Beshukov and R.M.Zhenetl.

GM Boris Savchenko convincingly won the tournament by collecting 7,5/9 points and leaving the nearest follower GM Alexander Galkin a full point behind.

Boris Savchenko

GM Boris Savchenko

Third is Anton Demchenko with 6 points. Mikhail Panarin, Dmitry Kryakvin, Oleg Korneev, Vladimir Malaniuk and Melor Bedia shared 4-8th place.

Boris Savchenko made a nice gesture at the closing ceremony as he donated his prize to Vitaly Tseshkovsky’s widow.

Legendary Russian Grandmaster Vitaly Tseshkovsky passed away on 24th December 2011 in Krasnodar while competing in the Final of Krasnodar Krai Rapid Cup.

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