GM Isan Ortiz is the new Cuban Champion

The  Cuban National Championship 2013 took place on 6th-16th February at Villa Clara.

GM Isan Ortiz became the new National Chess Champion after completing the race with 7/9 points. With this result, he added 14 points to his personal Elo rating, that now rises to 2599.

The player from Holguin drew his last round game in 11 moves of a Queen’s Indian Defense against IM Carlos Hevia (2520).

GM Isan Ortiz

GM Yuniesky Quesada (2608) also got 7 points, but the trophy was handed to Ortiz thanks to the superior tie-break criteria.

Quesada defeated GM Holden Hernandez after playing 41 moves of a French Defense. He added 12 points to his Elo rating.

Hernandez, who has had a good start but lost his last two games, finished on third place with 6 points. His new Elo rating is 2550.

GM Yusnel Bacallao (2542) came fourth with 5 points, after drawing his game against IM Diasmany Otero.

GM Holden Hernandez finished third

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