GM Julio Sadorra convincing in Central California Open

The 4th Annual Central California Open was held from August 17-19, 2012, at the Radisson Hotel, 2233 Ventura St, Fresno, California.

The Open Section was won by GM Julio Sadorra who finished with a perfect 5/5 to earn $1,267 for his weekend’s efforts. FM John Bryant, Hayk Manvelyan and experts Phillip Seitzer and Tanuj Vasudeva finished 2nd-5th and each collected $435.50, which also included the U2200 and U2100 prizes.

Open section final standings (uscf ratings):
1. GM Julio Catalino Sadorra 2598 TX – 5.0 ($1267.00)
2-5. FM John Daniel Bryant 2441 CA, Hayk Manvelyan 2302 CA, Phillip Seitzer 2108 CA and Tanuj Vasudeva 2004 CA – 3.5 ($435.50 each)
6-12. IM Ricardo De Guzman 2451 CA, Jimmy P Heiserman 2271 CA, Daniel Liu 2191 CA, Timothy J Roth 2166 CA, Andy F Applebaum 2146 CA, Vignesh Panchanatham 2135 CA and Michael Wang 2029 CA – 3.0 etc

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Radisson Hotel Fresno

Radisson Hotel Fresno

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