GM Ramesh RB about game two of World Championship Match

Chennai based Grandmaster RB Ramesh, who is the official commentator for the FIDE World Chess Championship Match, briefly explains what happened in the first two games.

Ramesh: In the first two games black side has been more successful. In the first game Anand showed some fantastic preparation with black pieces, and yesterday it was Carlsen’s turn to take Anand into the position he wasn’t expecting.

Q: What do you think, why did Anand deviate from his game with Ding Liren?

Ramesh: Okay, probably he was afraid of some new idea by Carlsen in a sharp position, and he didn’t want to walk into that.

Q: And what about the possibility of Qg4?

Ramesh: Yes, I was surprised myself. The first thing I said was that Anand would never take on d5 (laughing). But he took it. I think he just didn’t want to take the risk because this is a match, not a tournament.

Anand - Carlsen game 2

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