GM Sebastien Feller won the 30th Tournoi International de la Ville de Metz

The 30th Tournoi International de la Ville de Metz was held from 14th to 21st April at the gymnase d’Hannoncelles in Metz, France. The organizer is the chess club Metz Alekhine.

The tournament format was 9-round Swiss and the players were divided in two playing Groups – Open A (rated 1900 and above) and Open B (U2000).

GM Sebastien Feller took a clear first place with 6,5 points, half a point ahead of the rest of the field.

The total prize fund was 12,000 EUR, first place is 3000 EUR worth. There were 27 Grandmasters in the field of 46 players.



Final standings:

1. GM FELLER Sebastien 2644 FRA – 6,5
2-7. GM MALAKHATKO Vadim 2532 BEL, GM LALIC Bogdan 2469 CRO, GM SHANAVA Konstantine 2586, GM CORNETTE Matthieu 2545, GM TUROV Maxim 2658 RUS, GM VOROBIOV Evgeny E. 2580 RUS – 6.0
8-12. GM GUREVICH Mikhail 2611 TUR, GM ZUBAREV Alexander 2597 UKR, GM SUMETS Andrey 2587 UKR, GM KORNEEV Oleg 2597 ESP and GM SANIKIDZE Tornike 2549 GEO – 5,5
13-18. GM MANOLACHE Marius 2561, GM MAIOROV Nikita 2552 BLR, GM LIBISZEWSKI Fabien 2523 FRA, IM SATYAPRAGYAN Swayangsu 2432 IND, GM EINGORN Vereslav S 2569 UKR and GM ROMANISHIN Oleg M 2541 UKR – 5.0 etc

The talented junior Anatole Bach (1979 FRA) won the B Open with 7.0/9 points. 64 players competed.

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