GM Sergey Kudrin wins 18th Annual Northeast Open

The 18th Annual Northeast Open was held from June 8-10, 2012, at the Sheraton Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn Select), 700 Main St, Stamford, Connecticut.

GM Sergey Kudrin finished ahead of a field that included 6 GMs, securing the top stop with an undefeated 4½/5. After winning his first four games, a final round draw with GM Tamaz Gelashvili was enough to secure the Connecticut based Grandmaster the victory.

Open section final standings (45 players):
1. GM Sergey Kudrin – 4.5 ($1000.00)
2-4. GM Milos Perunovic, GM Tamaz Gelashvili and FM Nelson Castaneda – 4.0 ($333.34 each)
5-12. GM Ivan Ivanisevic, GM Joel Benjamin, IM Nikoloz Managadze, IM Colomban Vitoux, Ian David Schoch, Christopher Wu, Benjamin W Krause 2284 and Scott Zimmerman ($600.00, top U2250) – 3.5 etc

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Sheraton Hotel Stamford

Sheraton Hotel Stamford

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