Grenke Classic Rd.3 – Naiditsch blunders in time trouble

Fabiano Caruana

The hard fought stellar game of the round finished abruptly when Arkadij Naiditsch blundered in a chaotic position. With very little time on the clock, the German decided to move his g-pawn two squares instead of one, and that difference – easily pointed out by computer engines, gave the win to Fabiano Caruana.

Right before this mistake, Naiditsch had the chance to achieve a superior position by taking with 32…Qxg3, but he missed his chance.

The other game of the round finished in a draw. Michael Adams and Daniel Friedman played 58 moves in which White’s weakened pawn structure was compensated by his more active pieces.

The victory gives the Fabiano Caruana the sole lead in the tournament. He has a 2,0/3, Anand, Nisitsch, and Fridman, are at 1,5/3, while Meier and Adams are at 1,0/3.

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