Houdini Aquarium PRO 2017 (New!)

Houdini Aquarium 2017Houdini Aquarium PRO 2017 is now available in the Chessdom shop with Houdini 5 PRO inside – the engine has improved greatly since the previous version and is now stronger than ever, 200 ELO points over Houdini 4 PRO, now supporting up to 128 cores and 128 GB of hash, including NUMA support. Houdini 5 fared successfully in the strongest computer engine championship – TCEC (Top Chess Engine Championship) winning the rapid and finishing second overall. Houdini 5 PRO is bundled with all the tools you need and comes at a discounted price in the Chessdom shop

Get your copy of Houdini Aquarium PRO 2017 (for download) – with the very strong Houdini 5, a great database, 7 men tablebases access, and much more for only 79 eur!

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