Hungarian Chess Championship 2013 LIVE!

The Hungarian Chess Championship 2013 is taking place 2-11 December in Gyula. It is a ten player round robin, rounds starting daily at 15:00 CET.

Participants are Berkes Ferenc 2677, Banusz Tamas 2598, Gonda Laszlo 2552, Horvath Csaba 2537, Medvegy Zoltan 2537, Horvath Adam 2531, Pap Gyula 2522, Toth Ervin 2477, Czebe Attila 2451, and Nagy Gabor 2404.

Follow the games daily on with computer analysis by the engines Komodo (champion of the last TCEC Season), Stockfish (many times TCEC finalist), and Houdini (champion of the previous TCEC Season).

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