HZ Open Chess Tournament

The 17th HZ Open Chess Tournament is taking place from 3rd to 10th August at the HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen, Netherlands.

The tournament will be played over nine rounds of Swiss system with the top prizes being EUR 2000/1300/800/500/400/300.

There are 250 players registered to take part, which is also the full capacity of the tournament hall. Late entries are being posted on reserve list.

Top rated players are: HARIKRISHNA Pentala India GM 2696, KRASENKOW Michal Poland GM 2635, LANDA Konstantin Russia GM 2632, L’AMI Erwin Netherlands GM 2626, REINDERMAN Dimitri Netherlands GM 2598, LALITH Babu M.R. India GM 2576, ZHAO Xue China GM 2562, ERNST Sipke Netherlands GM 2560, IKONNIKOV Vyacheslav Russia GM 2555, HUSCHENBETH Niclas Germany GM 2542, ZARAGATSKI Ilja Germany IM 2505.

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