ICCD Championships 2016

The 2016 ICCD World Individual Deaf Chess Championships (Men-Ladies-Juniors-Blind-Seniors-Open-Blitz) were held from 17-25th May in Yerevan, Armenia.

The 16th ICCD Championship for men saw 24 players play in a 9 round Swiss tournament. IMs Duilio Collutiis of Italy and Milan Orsag of the Czech Republic finished with 6.5/9 points, but Collutiis won the title on tiebreak. The Open section saw 2 GMs, 3 IMs and 2 FMs out of the 24 players.

The Women’s Section, which was the 6th ICCD Championship, was a 10 player round robin event with 2 WIM’s in the field where Tatiana Baklanova of the Ukraine won with a score of 8/9.

All winners on the ICCD website

News by Jamie Kenmure


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