Indian Premier Championship 2015 LIVE!

The Indian Premier Chess Championship is taking place from November 15-28, 2015.

The event is an 11-category round-robin tournament with an average Elo rating 2503.

Participants: GM SP Sethuraman 2651, GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi 2651, GM Sengupta Deep 2589, GM Kunte Abhijit 2515, GM Karthikeyan Murali 2498, IM Swapnil S. Dhopade 2497, GM Shyam Sundar M. 2481, GM Neelotpal Das 2475, GM Venkatesh M.R. 2464, IM Das Arghyadip 2456, IM Rathnakaran K. 2447, IM Karthikeyan P. 2441, IM Shyaamnikhil P 2436 and FM K. Praneeth Surya 2413.

Standings and statistics

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