Komodo brilliant at the start of TCEC Superfinal

komodo-chess-engine-1The Komodo chess engine is off to a brilliant start at the TCEC Superfinal match against Stockfish. The engine by Don Dailey and Larry Kaufmann began with a draw and two wins to take the lead 2,5/0,5.

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In the first game of the TCEC Superfinal, Stockfish had the white pieces. It grabbed the initiative early on and by move 33 evals started spiking on +2.3. Komodo kept cool and evaluated that the bishop is enough compensation for the four pawns. It stirred the game into a R+2P vs R+P and successfully defended to the end.

As if having the psychological advantage from game 1, Komodo had a blast in the next games. Game 2 mirrored the opening of game 1, a French Chatard-Alekhine, and Komodo conducted the middlegame in a commanding fashion to close the game in 52 moves. Having the black pieces in a Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack in game 3, Komodo also was victorious. Stockfish got optimistic on move 30, and Komodo used the opportunity to take the initiative. The pair of rooks turned out to be much too strong, and Komodo won the game in 90 moves.

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