Komodo is sole leader after four rounds of TCEC Stage 2

TCEC season 9The Grand champion of Season 8 – Komodo is sole leader of the Top Chess Engine Championship. After four rounds Komodo has achieved three victories and a draw to be first in the standings with 3,5/4.

At second position with 3,0/4 is Houdini. It is playing with the same version as last season and is awaiting to be upgraded to Houdini 5 dev with extra ELO in the next stage. The big surprise comes at third position where we find an absolute newbie in the event Vajolet by Marco Belli. It has collected 2,5/4, the same points as Jonny and Stockfish, but with better SB tiebreak.

Gull, Ginkgo, and Fire complete the set of engines that currently are in the top 8 positions giving right to participate in the next stage. See the full standings, replay the games so far, and follow the live games with analysis at the official website

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