Lausanne Open Chess Tournament 2012

The 13th Lausanne Open Chess Tournament was held on 14-17th September at the Salle de Fête in Casino de Montbenon, Lausanne, Switzerland.

The tournament was played over 7 rounds of Swiss system with 89 participants.

Grandmasters Tigran Gharamian (France), Mikhail Ulibin (Russia) and Krasimir Rusev (Bulgaria) shared the first place with 5,5 points each. Gharamian took the winner’s tropy thanks to the superior tie-break.

The famous Romanian Grandmaster Florin Gheorghiu also participated and finished on shared 4-16th place.

The prize fund of 11,000 CHF was distributed to 23 prizes. Top finishers have earned CHF 2,000/1,500/1,200/800 etc.

Final standings:
1-3. Gharamian Tigran 2663 and Ulibin Mikhail 2519, Rusev Krasimir 2544 – 5.5
4-16. Gleizerov Evgeny 2569, Cherniaev Alexander 2455, Wirig Anthony 2463, Aguettaz Maxime 2408, Georgiev Vladimir 2566, Dgebuadze Alexandre 2547, Gheorghiu Florin 2383, Netzer Jean 2397, Belezky Alexander 2413, Sipila Vilka 2431, Studer Noel 2272, Joie Sebastien 2299 and Midoux Sebastien 2332 – 5.0 etc

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