May Lviv Tradition (IM Group) 2015 LIVE!

The May Lviv Tradition (IM Group) round-robin tournament is taking place from 26th May to 1st June, 2015, at the Hotel Nton, in the splendid city of Lviv, situated in western Ukraine.

The event is a 12-player single round-robin tournament, valid for FIDE rating and norms. The tempo of play is 90′ + 30″ and the average Elo rating is 2276.

Participants: IM Shkuran Daniil UKR 2386, IM Anwesh Upadhyaya IND 2373, WFM Osmak Iulija UKR 2368, IM Grekh Andrey UKR 2341, Nayhebaver Martin SVK 2317, FM Shevchenko Kirill UKR 2306, IM Sevostianov Pavel RUS 2263, Punin Andrii UKR 2246, WGM Kryvoruchko Vita UKR 2213, Koziol Kamil POL 2207, WFM Ivanenko Olga I. UKR 2182 and CM Bunyatov Rustam AZE 2104

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