Moscow Open Rd.4 – Firat Burak is the only winner in the Young GMs Tournament again!

Firat Burak was the only winner of the round, again

In the Young Grandmasters Tournament, we saw exactly the same scenario as yesterday: four draws and a win by the Turkish IM Firat Burak.

With this victory, Burak has caught up with the leaders at 3/4, and given the excellent form he has shown in these rounds, he has become a favorite to get the title in this round-robin event.

The only decisive game of the round was a very sharp Ruy Lopez, where a dynamic balance was held during most part of the game: White had very active rooks supporting his passed pawn on the queenside, while Black had two pieces for a rook and a strong pawn on g2.

Finally, in the time-trouble frenzy, Mikhail Mozharov played the inaccurate 39…Kh7, which allowed White to forcefully get an extra piece (or Black would lose the queen). Definitely a very exciting game between the two young talents!

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