Moscow Open Rd.6 – Saduakassova gets yet another win

FM Daria Pustovoitova

Kazakh WGM Dinara Saduakassova maintained the full point lead in the Young Grandmasters Tournament for women.

The Russian FM Daria Pustovoitova is now the only player in second place, after beating WGM Szczepkowska-Horowska.

Saduakassova’s victim of this round was the unfortunate Dina Drozdova, who seems to be out of shape with the third consecutive loss. The Russian played very passively in a Nimzo-Indian and the leader used her chance to gain space in the center.

When black played the very strange 24…Ne8, Dinara went for a kingside attack with 25.Ng4. Resignation came in the next move when it’s clear that black will need to give up her queen to avoid getting mated on the long dark-squared diagonal.

The other player that was sharing the second place a point behind Saduakassova, WIM Altanulzii Enkhtuul, lost her game with the white pieces, and now stands at a two points distance from the leader.

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